Tour awards

Day 18: Thursday 8th August

We have a lie in!!! An early morning call is arranged for 7.30am. Breakfast is at 8.30am. All are down and in good spirits....   Read More

Whitewater rafting

Stop press: White water rafting

5.30pm: The white water rafters have returned safe and sound. I’m sure mums and dads will be glad to hear. A favour to ask...   Read More

Day 17: Wednesday 7th August

We are up at 4.00am. A quick shower and on the coach by 4.30am. We arrive at Matthew Flinders by 4.50am. The students are...   Read More

Day 16: Tuesday 6th August

Before I went to bed the previous evening, I see the pre-lunch session at Old Trafford. England are in strife!! They are 30 for...   Read More

Stop Press match results

Matthew Flinders hockey: 2 Gowerton: 0 Gowerton player of the match: Hannah Williams. Matthew Flinders netball: 28 Gowerton: 19 Gowerton player of the match:...   Read More

Gowerton School Tamworth and Australia Zoo

Gowerton School Underwater World Sunshine Coast

Day 15: Monday 5th August

Before I had gone to bed last evening, I watched some cricket. My wife, Helen, had told me via Skype (what a fantastic innovation...   Read More

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    • AS/A Level Results Day

      13th August 2020
      8.30am - 11.00pm

      Given the current COVID situation, collection of external exam results in person will be different this year. Please take a moment to familiarise yourself...   Read More

    • GCSE Results Day

      20th August 2020
      8.30am - 11.30pm

      Given the current COVID situation, collection of external exam results in person will be different thisyear. Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with...   Read More

    • Year 12 Enrolment – September 2020

      2nd September 2020
      9.00 - 3.00

      The Enrolment Day for the new year 12 will go ahead on Wednesday 2nd September.  In order to avoid large crowds, the day will be split according to...   Read More

    • *IMPORTANT* September Arrangements

      2nd September 2020

      Date Group Tuesday 1st September                                            STAFF PREP DAY (no pupils) Wednesday 2nd September Year 7 & 12 Thursday 3rd September Year 7, 10...   Read More

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