PARENT/VISITOR INFORMATION: Pupil Drop off/Pick up/Visiting the school site


In the interest of pupil safety, could parents please refrain from driving up the school drive in the mornings to drop pupils off. There are a high volume of pupils walking onto the school site and it is not only putting their safety at risk driving through them, but also whilst turning vehicles around outside the school building.

Pupils should be dropped off/picked up outside the school gates or at the Park Road entrance.


Could visitors arriving in the morning please be mindful of the pupils on the school drive and strictly adhere to the 5mph speed limit and only park in a marked bay. The school will go into lock down at approximately 2.55-3.10pm every afternoon where all external gates will be locked restricting traffic from entering or leaving whilst pupils egress from the school site. Please do not move your vehicle during these times.


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