Year 6 Guided Tours – Important Information

Our Year 6 guided tour booking opportunity for September/October has now ended.
Year 6 Guided Tours will start today at Gowerton and run for the next three weeks.
We are very much looking forward to meeting you all!
If you have forgotten to make an appointment, please give the school a call on (01792) 873461, we do have limited spaces available.
A few points from us . . .
  • When you arrive at Gowerton, please park your vehicle outside A Block (the first building you reach at the top of the drive) and wait to be greeted by a member of staff. Please do not enter the school building.
  • If you could arrive as close to your appointment time as possible, this will help us control the numbers on site.
  • If you are able to wear a mask, please do so. This will only be necessary when indoors.



Please let us know if . . .

If you are unable to make an appointment.

Anybody in your household are displaying symptoms of Covid-19, and do not attend your appointment.

You live outside of Swansea County, please let us know, and we will re-arrange an appointment with you for another date. As you are aware, many local lockdowns have taken place over the past week.

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