Written by Grace John 7BET and Dylan Hobbs 7CLJ

A massive well done to the twenty-six year seven pupils who achieved 100% attendance across their first academic year at Gowerton.

After having a celebratory attendance assembly and being presented with our personal certificates, we were invited to an awards breakfast courtesy of Mr Harrison and organised by Miss Rushworth, who we would like dearly thank.

The pupils were:

1.   Griffin, Ginny
2.     Hobbs, Dylan
3.     Maldonado Taylor, Lydia
4.     Andrews, Grace
5.     Bradley, Niamh
6.     Davies, Kavan
7.     Day, Lois
8.     Deakin, Amelia
9.     Dowdle, James
10.   Dunworth, Jasmine
11.   Evans, Casey
12.   Godbeer, Megan
13.   Harris, Cai
14.   Hawkes, Joel
15.   Hone, Bethan
16.   Hughes, Millie
17.   John, Grace
18.   Jones, Lowri
19.   Lim, Yerang
20.   Parker, Maisie
21.   Platt, Kyle
22.   Rees, Eva
23.   Rees, Lauren
24.   Roberts, Llewellyn
25.   Wells, Sam
26.   Woodcock, Alfie

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