Break time: Items available daily:

Hot Bacon Rolls £1.13

Breakfast Paninis £1.43

Toast with spread 28p

Pizza from 68p

Filled English Muffins £1.19

Cheese on Toast 68p

Baked Beans on Toast 68p

Tomatoes on Toast 68p

Porridge/Toasted Tea Cake 68p

Meal of the day £2.20:

Inclusive of pudding or bottled plain water 500ml

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Capri Sun Juice 57p

Fruit Juice Carton 200ml 45p

Fruit Juice Cuplet 25p

Fizz Sparkling Juice 63p

Fruit Chilly Drinks 68p

Smoothies 40p

Iced Milk from 44p

Milkshake 90p

Hot Coffee/Chocolate 79p

Brecon Carreg 500ml Still/Sparkling Water 46p

hot choice:

Spaghetti Bolognese £1.37

Lasagne £1.32

Cottage Pie £1.32

Curry and Rice £1.71

Cheese and Potato Pie £1.08

Omelette £1.08

Fish Fingers x 3 / Fillet £1.13

Salmon Bites x 4 £1.13

fab and fast:

Hot Baguettes £1.43

Hot Wraps £1.43

Hot Pasta Pots £1.37

Panini’s £1.43

Pizza £1.24

deli/cold bar:

Assorted Baguettes £1.43

Assorted Sandwiches £1.10

Cold Wraps £1.43

Pasta Pots £1.37

Takeaway Salad/

Salad Bowl £1.37

Single Salad Item 46p

Cold Meats Slice 2oz 97p

Tuna/Egg Mayo/Cheese 1oz 57p

side dishes:

Potatoes Boiled/Mashed 46p

Chipped Potatoes £1.02

Baked Beans 46p

Peas/Carrots etc 46p

Rice/Pasta 46p

Bread Roll 34p

Jacket potatoeS:

Flora 97p

Tuna and Sweetcorn £1.30

Cheese and Beans £1.63

Cheese £1.32

Beans/Curry Sauce £1.32

Hot Meat Sauce £1.71


Puddings and Cakes from 68p

Chocolate Fudge Brownie 68p

Biscuits Homemade 34p

Yoghurt 68p

Fruit Pot 68p

Custard 23p


Carrot and Dip 25p

Fruit Juice Cuplet 25p

Cheese and Biscuits 25p

Fresh Fruit 25p

Jelly 25p

Small bag of fruit 25p

Small bag of dried fruit 25p

Chunk of bread 25p

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