Policies & Guidance

Our Policies & Guidelines

 Acceptable use of the internet

 E-Safety Policy

 Digital Learning Policy

 Pupil Acceptable Use Policy

 Parent, Guardian, Carer Acceptable Use Policy

 Staff Acceptable Use Policy

 Google Cloud Guidelines

 Microsoft Cloud Guidelines


Welsh Government Guidance & Policies

 Bullying Around Race, Religion & Culture

 Bullying Around Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

 Complaints procedures for school governing bodies in Wales


 Exclusion-from-schools-and-pupil-referral-units-en 01.04.15

 Homophobic Bullying

 Reading And Numeracy Tests In Wales – Information For Parents/Carers 2-9

 Sexist, Sexual & Transphobic Bullying

 Guidance for Governing Bodies on School Uniform and Appearance Policies

 Disciplinary and Dismissal Procedures for School Staff

Statutory and Non Statutory Policies and Documents

Statutory Policies

 Admission Process 2018-19

 Anti Bullying Policy Feb 2018

 Assessment & Marking policy 11.12.18

 Attendance policy 15.3.17

 Behaviour Discipline & Learning Policy 25.2.15

 Charging & Remission Policy 16.6.16

 Child Protection Policy 14.03.17 updated

 Child Safegarding Policies summary 14.3.17

 Child Protection Update March 17

 Complaints Policy 10.7.17

 Data Prot Subject_Access_Request_Form

 Strategic Equality Policy 16.06.16 (updated 28.1.18)

 Health and Safety Policy 30.3.17

 Homework Policy 14.3.18


 Pay Policy Gowerton version 21.1.16

 Performance Management policy 16.3.16

 site_plan 18

 Capability Policy 10.2.11 (updates 28.1.18)

 Code of Conduct for School Based Staff

 Equal Opportunities (Staff) 6.11.14

 Grievance Procedure for all School based staff 24.2.16

 Inclusion (SEN) Policy 14.3.17

 Restrictive Physical Interventions 14.3.17

 Sex Relationship Education Policy February 21.5.15

 Staff Disciplinary Procedure for all School-Based 18.12.17

 Data Protection Policv 18.12.17

 Data Protection & Accessing Records policy May 2018 Signed


Statutory Documents

Accessibility Plan – may be seen as part of our Strategic Equality Plan

 Gowerton 3year SDP 2018-2021 (Dec 18)

 Self Evaluation Report (Nov 2018)

 School Priorities 2018-19

 Gowerton School on a page 2018

 Freedom of inf.publicationscheme 30.3.17

Governors Expenses 21.9.16

 Home School Agreements – may be seen as part of the Behaviour Policy

 Instrument of Government Gowerton 2017

 Governors Annual Report to Parents 2018-19

Minutes of the Governing Body and Committees – Held by the Clerk to Governors

School Prospectus – available on this website

Register of Business Interests of Headteacher and Governors – Held by the Clerk to Governors

 Target Setting for Schools – may be seen as part of the School Development Plan

 PDG Spend Plan 2019-20

 PDG Spend Plan 2018-19

 EIG SPEND PLAN 2017-18 (1)

 Transition Plan 2017-18 (signed)

 Professional Learning Spend Plan 2019-20

 Gowerton School Privacy Notice GDPR

Non Statutory Recommended Policies

 Lettings Procedures 2016

 Substance Misuse Policy 21.1.15

 Whistleblowing Policy 13.12.17


 Exams policy

 Traffic Management Policy September 2016

 Gowerton School on a page 2018

 Educational Visits Insurance Policy

 Educational Visits Insurance


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