Gowerton vs Matthew Flinders

Gowerton and Brisbane visitors’ ‘dish up’ a feast of sport. PelrwydTregwyr:17 Matthew Flinders: 12. Gowertonnetball:17 Matthew Flinders: 12. Tregwyr yn cipio’r fuddugoliaeth o’r ymwelwyr....   Read More

Gowerton School vs Calrossy Netball

Gowerton School vs Newington College

Gowerton School vs Mater Maria Netball

STOP PRESS: Match results

The results from today’s games were; Mater Maria hockey: 1 Gowerton: 3 Player of the match: Jayde Anderson. Mater Maria netball: 33 Gowerton: 21...   Read More

Hockey, netball and rugby teams do well in Brecon

Hockey, netball and rugby teams  do well in Brecon. Hockey: Christ College, Brecon: 3 Gowerton: 3. The hockey match between the two sides was...   Read More

T.Topz : 14 Gowerton: 11

First defeat for netball girls. Zowie Martin and Georgina Jones get ready for the second half. T.Topz: 14 Tim hyn Tregwyr: 11. T.Topz: 14 ...   Read More

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