Melbourne Match Reports

Victoria Schools: 5 Gowerton Under 16s: 41   The U16s team were suitably placed for their second game after a resounding win in Singapore....   Read More


We check out of our hotel at 7.30 for hosting. Before that, we are treated to a proper hotel breakfast. There is a selection...   Read More

Aussie rules

We are due to take-off just before midnight, but as the time approaches, the captain comes over the intercom to announce that due to...   Read More

Last day in Singapore

Problems, Problems, Problems-they’re only there to add to the challenge.   Hooray-I receive my early morning call at 7am-a good job, I was deep...   Read More

Match Reports (updated)

Singapore CC Academy U16s: 12 Gowerton U16s: 39 The Gowerton U16s took to the field on a very soggy and damp pitch that was...   Read More

Our First Matches

I stir from my slumbers and look at my watch. Yikes, it’s 7.25am and I hadn’t had an early morning call again. No time...   Read More

Universal Studios (updated)

We arrange an early morning call for 7.00am for all, so that they can make breakfast between 7.30-8.00am. We may need the wake up...   Read More

The Shortest Day

We proceed to Gate B42 at 8.50pm. It’s a 15 minute journey from departures although most of it is on conveyor belts if you...   Read More


It’s 1pm and I’m about to set off from home on our Australia and Singapore adventure when I receive a text message from Mr...   Read More


2 weeks ago during PSE for Year 7 and Year 8, the charity committee held various stalls in the sports hall during break and...   Read More

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