Day 5 Friday 26th July

As lots of the group are tired, when the lights are dimmed at 12.30pm, many of the party are able to get some sleep....   Read More

Hong Kong: Hockey


Day 4 – Thursday 25th July

Early morning call at 7.00am. I had been on ‘duty’ the night before and had stayed in the corridors until nearly 1.00am. All had...   Read More

Hong Kong: Rugby

Video: Hong Kong: Day two

Video: Hong Kong: Day one

Day 3 Wednesday 24th July

A peaceful and undisturbed night. Mind you-World War III could have broken out and I don’t think I’d have woken. In our room Mr....   Read More

Day 2: Tuesday July 23rd

After a shower we are refreshed and the group assembles in the hotel lobby at 7.00pm. The hotel is fantastic-not at all like a...   Read More

Day 1 (continued) The flight to Hong Kong

The coach journey has been relatively uneventful after the problems at the start, although the journey has not been pleasant for some, with the...   Read More

Day 1: 22nd July-Departure

I arrive in school by 8.00am with time to sort out the kit bags. We have 11 different ones. Mr Thomas organises his Btec...   Read More

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