This Thursday evening we shall departing to attend the Welsh Festival at Disneyland Paris.

A quick reminder for parents.

– Can you please ensure you are at Penllergaer Service Station (junction 47) for 8.00pmCoaches must depart at 8.15pm as we are on a very strict timescale to reach Dover in time for our ferry crossing.


– Return time at Penllergaer Services is approximately 7.00pm on Sunday 6th March.


– When your child is getting onto the coach they will be expected to provide staff with their passportEuropean Health Insurance Card and a 20 euro deposit in a sealed envelope clearly marked with their name. Children are aware which coach they have allocated. It is of high importance that they board the correct coach for border crossing purposes. If there is any doubt, please check with a member of staff before boarding.


– It is a long journey from Swansea to Paris, roughly 14 hours of travelling. Pupils are allowed to bring pillows/ travel pillows onto the coach and are advised to get as much rest as possible whilst travelling through the night.


– Can you please remind your children that seat belts must be worn whilst travelling in the UK and France. It is of the utmost importance. Staff will always check pupils are belted up before we depart for any part of the journey, but if you could reinforce this with your child we would greatly appreciate it.


– If children choose to take electronic devices such as mobile phones, iPad’s, iPod’s, etc. It is completely their own responsibility to ensure they are kept safe.


– If children do choose to take mobile phones, to avoid large bills when you arrive home, we advise pupils turn the ‘roaming’ service off before we cross over into France. All pupils will be reminded of this again when we reach the ferry port.


– Both coaches are equipped with toilet facilities should children need to use them.


– The weather that has been forecast for the weekend is cold with showers. Can you please make sure that your child packs suitable clothing to meet these conditions.


– If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school, or if you need to contact us over the weekend, please use the contact numbers provided on the itinerary you would have already received.



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