Happy 125th Birthday Gowerton School

On  October 5th 1896  Gowerton Intermediate School opened at Bethel Vestry, Station Road (now Sterry Road).

We are so proud to celebrate 125 years of education. The school started as a mixed school then in 1939 became separate boys and girls grammar schools then returned in 1973 to a mixed secondary school.

We continue to celebrate our long educational tradition, work hard with our present pupils and look forward to educating our future Gowertonians.

Over the next year we hope to be able to hold various events to celebrate our 125 year history.

Please see the Gowertonian Society website for further history and photographs.

If you are a Gowertonian or have any photos from the last 125 years please contact us.

Each month we will put an article here from our history.

Here is a photo of our first headteacher Mr William Edwards.


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