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Well, it is finally the end of a long, tiring but interesting and rewarding year for all members of the school community.  What a year it has been!  Reading back over all the newsletters reminds me of the excellent and ‘can do’ attitude that pupils, parents and staff have shown.  There are so many highlights; too many to mention.  Many thanks to all; in particular those colleagues who leave us on 31st August.

Mrs Carol Clayton has been Senior Assistant Headteacher since my appointment.  Before that, she served as English teacher, Head of Year and Assistant Headteacher over a long, long period.  Carol’s going will leave a huge hole in the school – her emotional literacy and kindness are her hallmarks.

Mrs Rhian Muncer is also retiring from her roles of ICT teacher, Head of Year and 14-19 Co-ordinator.  Another veteran, she has worked within the pastoral system to great effect and ‘her’ year groups know what a debt of gratitude they owe her.

Another member of the teaching staff to leave is Mr Martin Lewis.  Himself a fine sportsman, he has been a loyal member of the PE Department, giving freely of his time to coach, manage and develop teams and individuals over his many years with us.  Also responsible for Work-Related Education, Martin has developed strong links with the local community and Careers Business partnership.

Gowerton will continue in September but is undoubtedly a better place for their contribution.  I wish them all a long, happy and fruitful retirement.

Gwilym Ayre is a home grown TA who recently achieved GTP status.  Gwilym was an asset as a pupil and as a colleague.  We wish him well in his efforts and endeavours to secure a teaching position.

Zoe Grace started here in 2012, helping out in the Science Department.  Zoe has fitted in and has left her mark.  We wish her well in securing a teaching position.

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