Coaches arrive at Penllergaer services at 6.30pm and depart at 7.00pm on the evening of Thursday 8th March.


– Can parents/guardians please ensure that pupils are at the services for 6.30pm as we are on a very tight schedule to make our ferry crossing to Calais.


– Upon dropping your child off/collecting at the services can you please you keep the bus bays outside the service area clear as this is the safest possible place for us to load/unload pupils and luggage.



 Upon boarding the coach, pupils will be expected to provide the coach leader with their passport and medical card.  Pupils will not be granted access to the coach without providing these. We, as a school, take the precaution of photocopying the passports prior to departure, just for added assurance, however, pupils will not be granted return to the UK on photocopied documents. They will have to produce their original passport. Passports are then kept under lock and key until we are required to produce them at border control points.


– If your child requires any medication throughout the trip, can you please make sure that it is placed in a sealed bag/envelope, clearly marked with their name and dosage instructions and handed to the person collecting passports/health cards upon boarding the coach.  Pupils are not allowed to keep medication in their rooms.


– Coaches will be clearly labelled 1, 2 and 3 and pupils are already aware of which coach they should board. In the event of pupils forgetting, please see a member of staff around the coaches or inform pupils to see Mrs King/Mr Richards in school before the evening of departure.


– Please bare in mind that once pupils luggage is loaded underneath the coach, they will not have access to luggage until the following Friday night at the hotel.  Whatever they chose to wear to depart on the Thursday night they will also wear in Disneyland on Friday.  Coats, snacks, travel essentials and anything needed for the Friday in the park will need to be taken onto the coach as hand luggage.


– The weather forecast for the weekend is currently looking to be wet and cold.  Could parents/guardians please take the time to ensure that children pack appropriately to match these conditions.  Lots of warm clothes, and an effective waterproof jacket is a must.


– Pupils will require British money for planned service stops within the UK and Euros for the time that they are in France. We advise parents to split pupils money into ‘day’ envelopes – One for the friday (which they will need to take on the coach with them) and one for the Saturday which we advise is packed in with their main luggage.


– Another small reminder is for the use of mobile phones abroad.  If you wish for your child to use their mobile phone abroad, can you please make sure that there is an appropriate travel package/bolt on added to their account to ensure no large bills upon return!


– We recommend a external battery source (power bank) for mobile phones to keep them charged whilst travelling and in the park.


– Updates will be posted from Disneyland via the school website/social media and we will keep you informed of any travel information on our return journey home and expected arrival times back at Penllergaer service station.  In previous years we have normally returned home around the 6.30-7.30pm on the Sunday evening.


For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

2 Sleeps to go!

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