Lego League Programming Competition

On Saturday 18th March a small group of pupils from Year 7 and 8 took part in the Lego League Programming competition. This took place in Pembrokeshire’s Ysgol Henri Tudor and pupils had to leave bright and early from Gowerton to arrive on time.

The Team won the Judges Award for Motivation within their team. Miss Roberts and all of the teachers were very proud of them and the hard work they gave throughout the year to take part in this. Well done to you all.

The main purpose of the day was centred around the theme – SuperPower! The pupils had to design a new form of energy that could be used to power up a vehicle or product and complete various challenges with their Lego robot.

Robot games – the pupils had to compete in 3 games against other schools and then their best time was taken for the final score. These missions required them to code the Lego robot and collect various energy units off the board.

Creative paper challenge – pupils were given an A4 piece of paper and a pair of scissors. They needed to create a loop without using any glue or cello-tape that would fit around their teacher. They did this task so well that it fit around the whole group!

Create a Poster on Connections in the world – The pupils chose to do a poster on the connection that humans have on the effect on the environment.

Presentation on Innovation – The pupils decided to create a car that was fuelled by food waste as this could cut down on emissions let off into the environment. They also made it a hybrid as they added wind turbines to the back to gather power when moving and be able to store it for longer journeys.

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