Match Report: Lindisfarne (Netball still to come)

Hockey – Lindisfarne: 8 Gowerton: 0

Today’s game against Lindisfarne was a tough one for the gowerton hockey team. Up against 7 exceptional male players, the first half of the game saw Lindisfarne score 6 goals. However, the gowerton girls did not give up and played a tough defensive game where only 2 goals by lindisfarne were scored in the last two quarters. Good passages of play saw the Gowerton girls attempt several attacks towards the goal and a few missed opportunities. Although a tough day in goals for Ashley Coppin, she saved endless goals and without her the score line would have been much more disappointing for the Welsh side.

Despite the loss the hockey girls have not lost spirit and will continue with their good standard in the next game down under.

Fern and Freya

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