May Tour Newsletter

1. Second quote:

I have received the quote and draft itinerary from OnTourz which is part of the Statesman Travel Group. I have attached it. It has some significant advantages;

A) At £3,299pp it is nearly £500 less expensive than the quote from Edwin Doran.

B) On payment of a deposit, the price would be confirmed including flights, in writing. The only element they cannot confirm is government increases such the APD, Airport Departure tax, but this is not due for a large increase.

C) They include some additions-Australia Zoo visit, Risk assessment package.

Obviously, when things are cheaper, the savings can be made on the quality of provision and service. I have received assurances from them that there would be no decrease in quality. I have also received testimonials from schools that have used them for long haul tours like ours and I’m impressed by them. I have attached those as well. I hope to contact some of those schools to speak to the staff involved personally.

One alternative they have suggested is that we replace the Malaysia section with Los Angeles. The price would remain unchanged.

We will consider the quotes and the Los Angeles option at the parents’ meeting on the 6th June.

If it is helpful, I will ask both companies to give a presentation in the first the parents’ meeting after the summer break (likely to be mid-October). This would be just prior to us paying our deposit in November and we should have more accurate quotes for comparison

2. Parents’ meeting: Friday 6th June-Main Hall.

Just to confirm that the meeting will have two parts

A) 7.00-7.30pm:

With such a large number of parents/students expressing an interest in the tour since the first meeting, I will give brief details in introduction including;

1. Tour sporting ethos.

2. Fundraising.

3. Code of conduct/expectations.

4. Return/non return of deposits.

5. Staff accompanying.

It will also be an opportunity for parents to ask questions and hear responses in a meeting

B) 7.30pm onwards:

A consideration of developments since the first meeting including:

1. OnTourz itinerary.

2. Fundraising.

3. Teams and fixtures.

4. Assisted places.

All are welcome to attend both parts of the meeting, but I’d ask that those who only wish to attend the second part would wait outside until the first part is concluded so as not to disturb the first part.

3. Deposits:

The date set for the return of the initial deposit of £350 is Friday 6th June.

Payment of the deposit will give me a firm indication of numbers as I continue to talk to travel companies.

If a single payment of £350 is too much at this stage, please speak to me about staging the deposit over the next 6 months.

A reminder that the deposit is fully refundable until November 1st 2014. That gives you time to assess whether your son/daughter is fully committed to raising their proportion of the tour costs.

4. Fundraising

These are details of fundraising events organised so far and taking place before Christmas.

Individual fundraising:

Funds from these events are credited to individual accounts

A) Sponsored walk

Mr Thomas and Miss Smitham have organised a walk to take place on Sunday 13th July.

The walk leaves school at 10.00am and goes to Blackpill.

Sponsor forms and explanatory letters can be collected from Mr Thomas or Miss Smitham after half term.

B) World Cup competition

I have attached a World Cup group stages ‘Guess the score’ entry form and rules. Relatives, friends and work colleagues can all enter. Each entry costs £2 with £1 of each entry credited to your account. The other £1 is added to the prize money.

Hard copies of the entry form can be collected from me after half term.

Entries have to be submitted to me by Wednesday 11th June.

C) Gower Society research articles

There are 3 prizes. A first prize of £500 and two second prizes of £250. The winning articles will be published in the Gower journal.

Lucy Jones has given me 4 possible titles that the Society are to consider at their meeting this week.

Several others have expressed an interest in writing something but have not yet handed in their titles.

I am prepared to support those writing something over the summer.

D) 200 club

Membership forms and copies of the Constitution can be collected from Miss Rushworth after half term. Examples were provided as Appendix 1 on the initial information pack.

The first draw will take place in October.

E) Wishgenie:

This continues to provide an opportunity to raise funds by encouraging friends, relatives and work colleagues to register with Wishgenie so that any online or in-store shopping raises funds for you.

Now that the date of the sponsored walk has been set, you can ask your friends to sponsor you online, by setting it as a challenge and forwarding it to them. If you are not certain how to do it, contact Chloe at Wishgenie.

Central tour fundraising

Funds from these events are credited to the central tour fund-all benefit and so all are expected to play their part.

A) Joes ice creams

Mr Lewis has restarted the sale of these at break and lunchtime. Students should see Mr Lewis and arrange to be in his room on either one break or lunchtime each week to help with the sale.

B) Race night

I have provisionally arranged our first major fundraising activity to be a ‘Race night’ at the Con Club in Gowerton on Saturday 25th October. Gower Timber are to sponsor the event.

The date is the first Saturday of half term. Please let me know if you see any potential problems with the date and I will rearrange it.

The first 200 Club draw will take place on the evening

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