School Fitness Week: HIIT Workout

This week many schools across the country will be taking part in online live HIIT workouts (High Intensity Interval Training) with the Body Coach Joe Wicks during the school day – and so will we!

This Thursday pupils will be participating in the HIIT event to try to get one million school pupils exercising in one week. Key Stage 3 Pupils (Years 7,8,9)  will complete the 20 minute workout during their PSE lesson on Thursday 14th September. Your child will need to wear their full PE kit to school that day instead of their school uniform. All other lessons that day will continue as normal.

Pupils will need to bring in £1 on the day to help raise money to improve the fitness equipment at Gowerton School.

This will be a very exciting activity for the pupils to participate in and also promotes the importance of exercise for high standards of health and well-being.

Through school participation there is also the chance that Joe Wicks could come into Gowerton School to do a personal session with our pupils and have a chat to them about his work.

I hope I have your full support in encouraging your child to participate in such an exciting event.



Mrs C Thomas

Head of Year 9

Healthy Schools Coordinator

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  1. Amanda

    Amazing thank you for bringing such awesome opportunities to my children and thinking out of the box when educating them.

  2. This is a brilliant idea and any activity that gets our kids off their ipads or phones is a good idea. Physical activity boosts brain function and tackles obesity .

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