Refugee families are fleeing war torn Syria and IS extremists and journeying to camps in Greece. According to an Amnesty International report of 4th Sept the vast majority have NOTHING with them when they arrive and locals can only give so much help. We have decided to take part in a “shoe box” appeal which will deliver a much needed shoe box of items directly to those in need.
If you would like to help by donating a box the following list is a useful guide.  Please label your box with the age group and  male or female, girl, boy or either this will help when being distributed (labels available from reception ).
We would be really grateful if people could tape £2 to each box to help with the cost of shipping to Greece.
If covering boxes or decorating please do not seal boxes as they need to be able to be opened for customs checks.  A brief note inside is also a nice touch.

Adult aid boxes                                                                   Children’s boxes
Toothbrush                                                                           Toothbrush

Toothpaste                                                                            Toothpaste
Facecloth                                                                               Facecloth
Wet wipes                                                                              Wet Wipes
Shower gel (soap messy when travelling)                             Comb/Brush
Shampoo                                                                               Hat
Deodorant                                                                             Gloves
Tissues                                                                                  Scarf
Comb/brush                                                                          Small Toy
Plasters                                                                                 Crayons
Sewing kit                                                                              Pencils (with sharpener)
Razors                                                                                  Pens
Feminine hygiene products                                                  Erasers
Nail clippers                                                                          Notebooks
Hat                                                                                        Colouring pads
Scarf                                                                                      Draw String Bag (Gym Bag)


All items are not compulsory but a guide, your help in whatever way is much appreciated and every little makes a difference.


Thank you for your support.

Gowerton School Charity Committee

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