Student Health and Wellbeing Survey

The whole school Health survey is being conducted over the next two months. Please see letter below.


Each pupil will complete an online 30 minute survey at some point between Sept and December. Pupils have the option to not answer any question as they go through the survey. The survey is confidential and no information will be shared with outside sources or even us! The only information pupils will give is their name, DOB and postcode so answers can be sorted into categories and the University can make sense of data from different areas.

Pupil answers and name/DOB/postcode are kept in different files so will not be linked.


Parents have the right to withdraw their pupil from the survey and should contact Mrs C. Thomas at the school in the event of wishing to do so.


More information on the survery can be found by watching the video in the link below:


3 Letter to parents_DL9



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