Swansea University Research Project – Years 8&9

Gowerton School are offering you and your child a unique opportunity to be involved in research being conducted by Swansea University. Your child will have the opportunity to learn about, and take part in, lots of various research projects. All research projects are explained in the information sheet above and it will all take part during a normal school day next term. If, after reading the information sheet, this is something that you would like your child to take part in then please complete the consent form and pre-screening questionnaire (just to make sure your child is fit and able to undertake the exercise involved as part of the research day) by clicking the following link:


Your child can still take part within the research project even if you decide not to opt in for the physical activity monitoring or academic attainment parts of the study. If you have any questions, then please contact any of the primary researchers whose details can be found at the top of the information sheet attached.


Parental Information Sheet Y8 & Y9 – Term 2

Many thanks in advance,

Adam, Zoe and Phil.

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