Update for parents & Free School Meals information – 22/3/2020

As mentioned in our previous update from Monday 23rd March the North Gower Partnership Schools will be repurposed as childcare centres for pupils of emergency services until further notice.

From Monday 23rd March the following provision has been provided by the Local Authority for pupils that qualify for Free School Meals. “Grab and Go” bags will be available for all FSM pupils to pick up from their respective school during the normal lunch hour. In collecting the bags we will be enforcing strict safety routines and ‘social distancing’.

The number of bags produced will be reviewed on a daily basis depending on the take up – any not used will be re-distributed to the community via food banks.

The food provided will be as follows:

Free School Meal Pupils

Packed lunch (Filled Roll, Bottle of water, Fruit, Muffin or Yoghurt)

If you qualify for Free School meals please contact Gowerton School on 873461 by 10am to order your packed lunch. This will then be available from 12.45pm – 1.30pm for collection from the school reception.

Pupils of Front Line Staff will have this provision during their childcare at Gowerton.

Breakfast:  served from 8-9am Cereal, milk and fruit

Lunch: Filled Roll, Bottle of water, Fruit, Muffin or Yoghurt

Snack: Cheese and crackers, fruit, biscuits

We thank everyone for their understanding in this difficult time. If the arrangements for this provision change we will update via our website.

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