Update to Parents – 9th April

We hope everyone continues to keep safe and well.
Hopefully pupils and families have settled into a good, balanced daily routine. As we mentioned last we recommend that pupils do not do more than 2 hours of work per day. Teachers are setting longer deadlines so pupils can pace themselves in completing the work.

If our Heads of Year wish to contact parents they will be using a ‘blocked /withheld or private number’. If you receive a phone call with the number withheld, it may be the school may be trying to contact you remotely, since we are limiting the number of teachers on site at this time. If parents receive a call of this type could you please answer the phone since you will not be able to return the call even if a message is left by the teacher.

Please encourage pupils to look at the well-being section under remote learning. There are many fun activities including ‘virtual tours’ of museums and The Kanga challenge this week is to submit a photo for our ‘Positivity Photo Gallery’.

Pupils have been sent their ‘weekly update’ and they have been asked by the ’Exchange counselling group’ to compete a short survey to find out how pupils are coping under these circumstances. We hope pupils will spare a few moments to complete.

Our main message to pupils and families continues to be ‘please find the balance between academic work and well-being. We have many weeks ahead of us and we want everyone to keep safe and well’.

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