Year 10 External Exams information

Year 10 learners – There will be no external exams this summer. 

Most Year 10 learners were due to sit one or more units that would have led to GCSE results in Summer 2021. They will not receive a unit result this Summer as there are no exams taking place. For those learners, there will be two options.  

Option 1 

They can choose to sit only the Year 11 units in Summer 2021 with their overall GCSE grade calculated on the basis of that performance only.  


 Option 2 

They can choose to sit the Year 10 units in summer 2021, along with Year 11 units.  

 Subject units effected by this would be: 

  • Double Science Unit 1 – Biology 
  • Double Science Unit 1 – Chemistry 
  • Double Science Unit 1 – Physics 
  • English Literature Unit 1 
  • Welsh Second Language Oracy 
  • Skills Challenge – Enterprise Unit 
  • Biology unit 1 (Triple Science) 
  • Chemistry Unit 1 (Triple Science) 
  • Physics Unit 1 (Triple Science) 
  • RE Unit 1A 
  • D&T Unit 1 
  • Health & Social – Childcare Unit 

There is no need to worry about which options are best for students at this stage. 

Decisions can be taken in the Autumn term of Year 11 along with advice from subject teachers. 

A few Year 10 learners were due to sit exams that would have led to a whole GCSE qualification this summer. These pupils will be issued a grade following the same process as Year 11 learners. Teacher assessed grades and other evidence will be used to calculate a grade.  

The most important thing for the time being is that all Year 10 pupils get fully involved in any home-learning activities set up by their teachers. That way they will be best prepared for Year 11. 

The full WJEC statement on exams can be read here

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