Year 7 Netball Match Report

Team 1

Gowerton started with the ball and was off to a good start. A lot of very good passes down field by players. Only 3 minutes into the game Gowerton won the first point which was scored by Goal Attack Lucy Harris.

Gowerton players kept their defence and got it into the D many times, Goal Defence Rebekah Owen-Gambell and Goal Keeper Lacey Rice were defending the post very well. The second point was scored by Goal Attack Lucy just before the half time whistle.

At the end of the first half, Gowerton were 2 points up.

In the second half the first point was scored by the Pontarddulais Goal Shooter. Center Olivia Ratti did a great job of getting the ball down the court. Goal Attack Lucy then scored another point for Gowerton. Wing defence Ella Williams was amazing at her passing skills to Goal attack Lucy.

The final score was 3-1 to Gowerton, with player of the match Rebekah Owen-Gambell who played with great skill throughout the match.


Team 2

Pontarddulais started with ball however Gowerton players defended very well. Goal defence Mia Williams was great at getting down the field and defending very well. Amazing passing skills by Bethan Kelleher helped keep the ball in Gowerton’s half. Goal keeper Lacey Rice had outsanding skills with the ball and was amazing at passing to Goal Defence Mia.

Center Bethan Parry marked her partner very closely throughout the match. Just before half time Goal Shooter Lucy Havard scored the first point of the game. Again Bethan Kelleher worked very well down the side line. Goal Attack daisy Steadman was great at off loading the ball.

At the final whistle, Gowerton won the match 1-0. Goal Defence Mia Williams was player of the match with her defence work.

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  1. Mr Mason

    Well played girls-two great wins and even better reports. It’s really good to read about your games.

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