Duke of Edinburgh Award


The Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Award is a unique experience for every person who does a DofE programme. Whether it be rock climbing, canoeing, sewing, playing the drums or learning a new language, there are so many different ways to personalise a DofE programme to complete the various sections of The Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Gowerton School is currently offering pupils the opportunity to achieve their Bronze Award in year 10 and if successful, they can then continue onto their Silver Award in year 11.  The Duke of Edinburgh Award involves four different sections at both Bronze and Silver level which are:

  • Volunteering – helping out in the local community.
  • Physical – improving in an area of sport, dance or fitness activities.
  • Skill – developing practical and social skills and personal interests.
  • Expedition – training for, planning and completing an adventurous journey.

Pupils undertake these activities for a minimum of one hour each week and the time-span for each varies depending on the level of The Duke of Edinburgh Award they are following.

Gowerton School are currently running the Expedition section using an Approved Activity Provider called Gower Adventures.

For further information regarding the DofE please follow the link to The Duke of Edinburgh Award website:



If your child is considering doing a Duke of Edinburgh Programme, the following links may be useful to help identify what can be done for the Volunteering, Physical and Skill sections.








The Duke of Edinburgh Award offers the opportunity to be involved in an extremely rewarding and character building programme. Pupils will develop new skills and improve on their existing skill set. Through their chosen activities they will develop their fitness and wellbeing, make new friends and most importantly, make amazing memories!


For anymore information, please contact Mr S Collins.

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