The quality of pastoral care influences the ethos and tone of the whole school. It is of crucial importance in creating an atmosphere in which young people feel secure, know that they are valued as individuals, and are encouraged in their learning, growth and social development in a healthy and safe environment. It will also help to inform and reassure parents that their children are being educated in a safe and caring atmosphere.

Young people need to grow in their self-esteem, confidence and independence of thought; they need to become understanding, sympathetic and sensitive to the needs of others; they need to develop the necessary skills to cope with possible threats to their personal safety both within and outside school and, in the post-primary school, to meet with confidence the demands and challenges of adult and working life.

Pupil well-being is of our highest priority at Gowerton School.

Each year group is lead by a team of Pupil Learning Coordinators and Pastoral Support Workers to provide an effective level of support and guidance to pupils. We are also able to offer the support of our own Child Welfare Manager on site to deal with any possible health and well-being issue that they wish to discuss.

Our well-being centre ’Gofal’ located centrally in the school was purpose built to deal with all issues for both pastoral and health. It is here that the child welfare manager and pastoral support workers are based and are always there to support children at any given time whether they need a plaster or a listening ear.

Gofal in Welsh means ‘ Care’ and the letters also represent

GOwerton  First aid  Attendance Listening.

Positive Mindset

Every week we ask pupils to ‘pause for thought’ during registration. We especially encourage a ‘positive mindset’ with relevant phrases.  ‘Can do Kanga’  and ‘Positive Relationships Kanga’ help us to promote these phrases.

We will share these phrases with you every week via posts on the website.

Challenging Bullying – Rights, Respect, and Equality

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Looking after yourself . . .

What to do if you feel panicked or anxious . . .

Becoming more resilient . . .

Restorative Practice

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